FREIGHTLINER CHARGE AIR COOLER - Cascadia-Coronado (2008-2013) 38-9/16
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FREIGHTLINER CHARGE AIR COOLER - Cascadia-Coronado (2008-2013) 38-9/16" x 32-7/16" x 2-3/4"

Aluminium Bar & Plate
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Model Cascadia-Coronado
Year 2008-2013
Fuel Diesel

Aluminium (Bar & Plate)

Core Height 38-9/16"
Core Width 32-7/16"
Core Depth 2-3/4"
Inlet Ø4"
Outlet Ø4"
Cross Reference/OEM FRT18130, 222246, CAC372, 613CA130, FL6L2, FRDAC3H, DURFRDAC3H, DHTFR3H, DHT3H, 37413H, FR3H, 44FR3H, SRMFR3H, SRMFR3HBP, SRMFR6Z, SRMFR6ZBP, CFL5Z, 441297, F1001B, 44014705, SPI44014705, SC222246, CA2246, SCSI222246, 400007, FLX010248, HDH010569, HDH010569BP, A0526617010, A0526617020, A0526617022, A0526618006, A0526861000, A0526861001, A0526861002, A0526861003, A0526862001, A0526862002, A0526862003, A0526864000, A0526864002, A0526864004, A0526864005, A0526864006, A0526864009, A0526865000, A0526865002, A0526865004, A0526865006, A0526865009, 131241001, 131241003, 131241004, 131241005, 3E0118490000, 3E11849, 3E118490000, 441297"
Note: All OEM/Cross Reference numbers and dimensions are to be verified and are only there as points of reference.