Terms of Service


Delivery period and delay

  1. Delivery Timelines: Delivery periods are established individually. They commence once technical questions are resolved, and the Customer fulfills all cooperation obligations, including providing necessary items and documents timely and meeting payment conditions.
  2. Delays: If the Customer fails to meet these conditions promptly, the delivery period extends accordingly. Exceptions are made if Dolphin is at fault for the delays.
  3. Force Majeure: Delivery periods may extend due to unforeseen events beyond Dolphin’s control, like natural disasters, wars, or strikes.
  4. Notification: If unavailable services/goods delay delivery, Dolphin will inform the Customer and provide updated timelines. If delays persist, Dolphin may partially or fully withdraw from the contract and refund the Customer.
  5. Partial Deliveries: Dolphin may make partial deliveries unless inconvenient for the Customer.
  6. Excess or Short Delivery: Dolphin may deliver up to 15% more or less than the ordered quantity.
  7. Cooperation: If the Customer fails to cooperate, Dolphin may prioritize other orders and extend delivery timelines, seeking compensation for incurred damages unless the Customer is not at fault.
  8. Compensation Limitation: Compensation for delivery delays is limited to additional freight and upgrade costs.

Delivery, risk transfer, Goods approval, delay of Goods acceptance

  1. Delivery Method: Goods are delivered ex works (EXW), with options for dispatch at the Customer’s expense.
  2. Risk Transfer: The risk transfers to the Customer upon dispatch or acceptance of goods.
  3. Delayed Acceptance: If the Customer delays in accepting goods, Dolphin may charge for storage and other associated costs.
  4. Defect Claims: The Customer should inspect delivered goods promptly and report any defects. Dolphin will either repair or replace defective goods.
  5. Exclusions: Claims for defects arising from misuse, improper handling, or alterations by the Customer or third parties are excluded.

Export control

  1. Compliance: Contract fulfillment is subject to compliance with applicable national and international export control regulations and restrictions.
  2. Delays: Delays due to export controls or approval processes override specified timelines, unless caused by Dolphin’s actions.
  3. License Denial: If obtaining necessary licenses is impossible, the contract becomes null for the affected items.
  4. Obligations: The Customer must adhere to export control regulations and indemnify Dolphin for any violations, including incurred losses and expenses.