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Dolphin Radiators

Durable and Resilient Pickup Truck Radiators

Are you looking for pickup truck radiators that are durable and cost-effective? You have landed on the right page! Yes, Dolphin Heat Exchanger USA has been a leading manufacturer of pickup truck radiators and other automotive, industrial, and commercial radiators for over three decades.

Dolphin has more than a thousand products under the automotive division alone. Ranging from brands like Caterpillar, Ford, Cummins, and Perkins, we have got you covered.

All you have to do is, visit our website’s shop page, filter out the specifications like manufacturer, model, year, engine code, etc. and find the most suitable options for pickup truck radiators, add it to your cart and have it delivered at your doorstep.

If you have doubts or need assistance, simply dial +1 (844) 536-5744 and speak to one of our customer service representatives. You can also write to us at

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Diverse Range of Our Truck Radiators

The pickup truck radiators we stock at Dolphin Heat Exchanger USA are of the highest quality. You can be assured that our products will last a long time and be cost-efficient. With our wide range of premium aftermarket truck radiators, we are proud to offer you the most versatile range of products in the industry.

Consider checking out our website if you need a new pickup truck radiator. The radiators we offer come in over 3000 models, so you're sure to find one that suits your needs. We manufacture aftermarket radiators for brands including:

You can now purchase your new radiator more easily. We have a search bar that you can use to find products that match your vehicle. What's more, we deliver all over the US and Canada so you can have your radiator delivered to your doorstep.

Pickup truck radiators

Customer Satisfaction at Dolphin

Dolphin's primary goal is to satisfy its customers. Every effort is made to make sure you're completely satisfied with our products and services.

The quality of our products and services is of the utmost importance to us. Buying pickup truck radiators from us means getting the finest. You are buying a reliable and durable product when you purchase from us. Each product has been 100% leak-tested and meets or exceeds industry standards.

If you happen to face an issue at any point in the purchase process, you can always contact us at +1 (844) 536-5744 or


With Dolphin, you can find a variety of products that are made using top-shelf materials, as well as with a high-tech manufacturing process. No matter what type of vehicle you have, we can provide you with a radiator that works well. Dolphin promises to are cost-effective and high-performing.

Trust Only a Reliable Source for Your Pickup Truck Radiators

Pickup trucks make reliable companions, and yours has been on many adventures with you. Replace your underperforming radiator with one of Dolphin Heat Exchanger USA's precision-engineered, high-efficiency pickup truck radiators so you can enjoy many more outdoor excursions and heavy-duty jobs.

Radiators prevent engine damage caused by excessive heat accumulation by providing essential cooling for the vehicle’s engine. We aim to get you the correct parts at the right price and try our best to make that happen.

The Dolphin Heat Exchanger

What makes us the best choice?

The heat exchanger industry appreciates Dolphin Heat Exchanger USA INC's high product quality and customer service standards, ranking among the best pickup truck radiators suppliers. Why look elsewhere if you can get the following from Dolphin?

  • High-quality products
  • As a result of our ISO-certified manufacturing facilities, we can provide our customers with high-quality and reliable products.

  • On-time delivery
  • Due to our time-conscious culture, we have successfully delivered orders within the timeframes we have been given.

  • Flexibility
  • Our designs are according to the client's specifications. Various high-performance custom designs are available.

  • Support for customers
  • Our team is always ready to resolve your problems whenever you need us

  • Global Presence
  • A key asset of Dolphin is its global reach. Over 70 international markets are served by Dolphin's products, including Australia, Europe, the Middle East, Asia, Africa, and North and South America.

  • Experience
  • With 36 years of experience in the heat exchange industry, Dolphin has consistently innovated and developed great solutions.

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Ready to purchase one of the most reliable pickup truck radiators from Dolphin Heat Exchanger USA? Shop online and get the product you need, delivered right to your door.

Please contact our team at +1 (844) 536-5744 with any questions you may have during the buying process. You can also send us your questions or feedback at