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Dolphin Truck Radiators in Pennsylvania

The Pennsylvania trucking scene is one of the most exciting trucking scenes in the country. The enthusiasts have a great collection of trucks and the roads are good enough to provide one of the best trucking experiences on the continent, that is if you have a truck in great shape.
A truck with a faulty radiator will not provide you with the “dream” Pennsylvania trucking experience, you can trust us on that one. Understanding the science behind truck radiators and possibly anywhere in the world can help reduce that problem and we are going to help you do just that in this article. If you are having problems with truck radiators in Pennsylvania USA here is how to prevent them.

Ways to Prevent Radiator Failure

  • Keep a regular check for coolant contamination to avoid the electrolysis effect

  • Inspect for coolant leaks (coolant pools under the radiator when the vehicle is parked)
  • Perform a coolant flush every time a new cooling component is added

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Causes of Truck Radiator Failures

One of the most important components when it comes to trucks is the radiator. The radiator is an integral component of the truck’s engine cooling system. The radiator together with the coolant and fans ensure that the truck engine is cooled both during idling and also when it is running. A dead or malfunctioning radiator means essentially the whole cooling operation goes sideways. What causes truck radiators to fail? Well, there are several causes of radiator failure some more common than others, and these include:

Mechanical Collisions

If your truck is involved in a frontal collision with another vehicle or with an object the damage usually extends to the radiator and results in leakage and failure. Once a truck radiator is leaking it ceases to serve its purpose effectively. This is one of the most common reasons why your truck radiator, must be replaced.

Chemical Contamination

We have already highlighted that the radiator works in sequence with a coolant. The radiator on its own is not in direct contact with the engine. To be able to have a cooling effect on the engine it cools the coolant that makes its way to the engine and cycles back to the radiator. The coolant has a mixture of water and antifreeze.

The mixture has a specifically recommended pH and due to several reasons, the pH of the coolant can be altered resulting in it becoming more acidic. The acidity of the coolant is very important and can result in the corrosion of radiator components. This is quite prevalent in complete aluminum radiators. This is because aluminum tends to react quite sensitively to acidic pH values. The result of the acidity reactions will result in radiator leaks and malfunction of the the whole cooling system.


Dolphin boasts a diverse range of products manufactured using top-of-the-shelf materials and through a high-tech manufacturing process. Whatever vehicle you may have, we have the radiator for you. We assure that our products are cost-effective and have high-performance.

Replace your Old Radiator

The best way to fix radiator failure problems is to replace your radiator with a new one from Dolphin heat Exchanger USA. Our aftermarket radiators have high-performance cores manufactured in our state-of-the-art facility.

Dolphin has some of the best truck radiators in Pennsylvania and here is why:

Expert Service

The team at Dolphin have an extensive level of expertise that allows them to provide expert advice and support. you are assured to get nothing but the best service if you decided to buy your truck radiator in Pennsylvania from Dolphin Heat Exchanger USA.

100% Leak Tested Radiators

Dolphin has stringent quality controls in place which means all our radiators are 100% leak tested before leaving the factory ensuring our customers get flawless products and complete peace of mind. This makes us one of the best manufacturers and suppliers of truck radiators in Pennsylvania.

Competitive Prices

Dolphin Heat Exchanger USA deals in aftermarket radiators. Compared to OEM radiators, aftermarket radiators can match and even exceed OEM specs at competitive prices. If you want to save and still get a premium truck radiator in Pennsylvania, Dolphin is your best bet. If you ever decide to get yourself a truck radiator in Pennsylvania, there is no better place to get them than Dolphin Heat Exchanger USA. Get your truck radiator at, shipped straight to your doorstep today.

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