6500737 Radiator
Part Number:

INTERNATIONAL RADIATOR - PayStar F5070 (1998-1999) 46-1/2 x 29-3/8 x 2-3/8"

Copper Brass


Model PayStar F5070
Year 1998-1999
Fuel Petrol/Gasoline
Transmission Manual
Construction Copper Brass
Core Height 46-1/2"
Core Width 29-3/8"
Core Depth 2-3/8"
Core Style

XM (See Core Pattern)

No of Rows 4 Row
Inlet 2-1/2" Upper Left
Outlet 2-1/2" Lower Right
Oil Cooler TOC No
Oil Cooler EOC No
Fin Type Serpentine
Fin Style Louvered
Fins Per Inch 16 FPI
Tube Type Smooth
Cross Reference/OEM 239213, 640009, 640009AP, 640009PT, 640009ST, 640+9, S6409, NAV09, 615RA009, 437344, 437344P, 437344S, IN31SP, IN31SPL, 203505, 239473, SC239473, SCSI239473, TR9473, 20013505, SPI20013505, ABPN2020013505, CTVTU82403, CTVTU82404, CTVTM82404, HDC010051, HDC010051AA, HDC010051PA, HDC010051SK, HDC010661, LT1081, REA4210188, 2400067, 557121SPLA, SRK7121SPL, FLX000712, 208012, HD208012, 1518653C91, 1518654C91, 1518655C91, 1518656C91, 1699168C91, 2504497C91, 2505404C91, 3501194C91, 3539371C91, 3539372C91, 3539373C91, 3548756C91, 3548756C92, 3548757C91, 3548757C92, 3548758C91, 3548758C92, 3548759C91, 3548759C92, 3548760C91, 3548760C92, 3548761C91, 3548761C92, 1A17189G, 1A17190G, 1A17191G, 1A17192G, 1A18389G, 1A18390G, 1A18391G, 1A18516G, 1A18517G, 1A18518G, 1A18519G, 1A18520G, 1A18521G, 1A18678G, 1A18679G, 1A18680G, 1A18681G, 1A18682G, 1A18683G, 3A45942G, 3A45943C, 3A49872G, 3A50167G, 20013555, 2606516C91, 26206517C91
Note: All OEM/Cross Reference numbers and dimensions are to be verified and are only there as points of reference.