6601343 Radiator
Part Number: 6500743

INTERNATIONAL RADIATOR - ProStar 8600, 8600i (1998-2002) 33-9/16 x 27-1/2 x 2-3/8"



Model 8600/8600i, 9200/9200i, 9400/9400i, 9900i, 9900ix Series ProStar 
Year 1998-2002
Fuel Diesel
Transmission Manual
Construction Copper Brass
Core Height 33-9/16"
Core Width 27-1/2"
Core Depth 2-3/8"
Core Style XM
Inlet 2-1/2" Upper Left
Outlet 2-1/2" Lower Right
Oil Cooler TOC No
Oil Cooler EOC No
Cross Reference/OEM

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Note: All OEM/Cross Reference numbers and dimensions are to be verified and are only there as points of reference.