6601813 Radiator
Product: Radiator for FORD, Year 1995-2003
Dolphin No. 6801813
Manufacturer FORD
Vehicle F650/750, F/B800F, FT900F, L/LT8501, 8511, 8513
Fuel Diesel
Transmission Automatic
Core Size 28-1/8'' x 27-5/8'' x 1-7/8''
Core Style A 9.35
Fin Style Louvered
Fin Type Serpentine
Tube Type Hourglass
Net Weight 9.76 kg
Other Applicable Models


Cross Reference/OEM

900018, 900018PT, 900018ST, HR900018, 9018, S9018, S9018PA, FOR18, FOR18PA, 611RA918, RA918, RA918WF, 611RA918, 611RA918WF, HR900011, 9011, S9011, FOR11, FOR11PA, 611RA911, RA911, FB500OC, FB500, 238668, SC238668, SCSI238668, TR8668, SC239413, SCSI239413, TR9413, 239413, 7197, 437197, 437197P, 437197S, 557197, SRK7197, SCSI239463, TR9463, 239463, FLX000135, 11C8814, 11C8814ST, 238737, SC238727, SCSI238727, TR8727, 437202, 437202P, 437202S, 557202, SRK7202, SPI20011523, ABPN2020011523, 20011523, FLX000139, LT1079, LT1074, 8163, CAVTM81633, CTAVTM81633, CTVTU81633, CTAVTU81633, CAVTU81633, CTVTM81633, HDC010512, HDC010043PA, HDC010043, HDC010509, HDC010110PA, HDC010110SK, HDC010110, 081201F, 081211F, 1AH00009S, EXO1AH00012S, 1AH00012S, 1AH00030S, EXO1AH00031S, 1AH00031S, 1SA00083, 1SA00100, 1SA00100R, 1SA00100S, 1SA00101, 1SA00101R, 1SA00110R, BHT2AH00066, 2AH00066, BHT3AH001420, EXO3AH001420, 3AH001420, F5HZ8005C, F5HT8005D, F5HZ8005D, XC3Z8005CA, F2HT8009AC, F5HZ8009AC, F5HZ8009AVA, F5HZ8009BC, F5HZ8009CC, F5HZ8009CD, F5HZ8009DC, F5HZ8009DD, F5HZ8009EC, F5HT8009FC, F5HT8009FD, F6HZ8009BBA, F7HT8009A, F7HT8009AVA, F7HT8009AZA, F7HZ8009AVA, F7HZ8009AZA, F7HT8009BBA, F7HZ8009BBA, F81Z8009EB, F81A8009EC, F6HZ8009BCA, F7HZ8009BAA, F7HZ8009ADA, F81Z8009FB, F81A8009FD, XC3Z8005BA


Note: All OEM/Cross Reference numbers and dimensions are to be verified and are only there as points of reference.
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