6970062 Charge Air Cooler
Product: Charge Air Cooler for FORD
Dolphin No. 6970062
Manufacturer FORD
Vehicle FORD
Model FORD LTL 8000, 9000, AEROMAX
Year -
Fuel Diesel
Transmission -
Engine -
Core Size 39'' x 27-1/8'' x 2-3/8''
Net Weight 60.595 kg
Other Applicable Models -
Cross Reference/OEM


AFC-045, 441100, HDH010217, FOR19001, 222015, 22001C, 1126, 17V9726, 1E3246, 1E3396, 1E3436, 1E3507, 1E3539, 1E3708, 1E3709, 1E3710, 1E3712, 200500, 200520, 200521, 200597, 26501, 44011501, 4401-1501, 611CA126, BT1126, BTC1126, BTC-1126, CAC126, CAC126-BP, DHTFO25A, E8HT14A284AC, E8HT6K775AE, E8HT6K775AF, E8HT6K775AG, E9HZ6K775C, E9HZ6K775G, EDE8HT6K775AF, F0HT6K775CA, F0HZ6K775A, F0HZ6K775CA, F1HZ6K775B, F1HZ6K775D, F1HZ6K775E, F2HX6K775B, F3HT8009NA, FD25A, FD-25A, FDHZ6K775A, FLX010101, FODAC25A, FODAC-25A, FOHT6K775CA, FOHZ6K775A, FOHZ6K775CA, FOR001, FOR19001N, FOR19001R, HDH010217BP, IE3246, IE-3246, IE3396, IE-3396, IE3436, IE-3436, IE3507, IE-3507, IE3539, IE-3539, IE3708, IE-3708, IE3709, IE-3709, IE3710, IE-3710, IE3712, IE-3712, RHT045, RHT-045, SC222015, SCSI222015, SPI44011501, SRMFOR25A, ZGSC-001


Note: All OEM/Cross Reference numbers and dimensions are to be verified and are only there as points of reference.
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