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6601830 Radiator
Product: Radiator for FREIGHTLINER, Year 2008-2015
Dolphin No. 6601830
Model Coronado CC, CD, Western Star
Year 2008-2015
Fuel Diesel
Transmission Automatic
Core Size 40-1/8'' x 42-7/16'' x 2-1/8''
Core Style A 9.35
Fin Style Louvered 
Fin Type Serpentine
Tube Type Smooth
Net Weight 51.3842 kg
Cross Reference/OEM

800083, 800083PT, 800083ST, 9083R, 613RA083, RA083, 238635, SC238635, SCSI238635, 238744, SC238744, SCSI238744, 238804, SC238804, SCSI238804, FR66OCN, FRE86, FRE86F, FRE86FB, FRE106, FRE106F, LT9158, LT9371, HDC010853PA, HDC010853, HDC010853PAFB, HDC010863PAF, HDC010863PA, HDC010863, LT9190, LT9235, A0528636001, A0528636003, A0528636005, A0528636007, A0528636009, A0528636011, A0528636013, A0528636015, 528637001, 528637003, 528637005, 528637007, 529621001, 529621003, 529621007, 530350001, 530350003, 530350005, 530350007, 530350009, 530350011, 530984001, 530984003, 530985001, 530985003, 531308003, 1A0208160000, MOD1A028160000, 3A0573350003, MOD3A0573350003, 3A0573350003, A0529631001, MOD3S0580810001, 3S0580810001, 3A0580810003, MOD3S0580810003, 3S0580810003, 3A0580810003, MOD3S0580830001, 3S0580830001, MOD3S0580830003, 3S0580830003, MOD3S0583640003, 3S0583640003, 1A0210500000, 1A0210500003,


Note: All OEM/Cross Reference numbers and dimensions are to be verified and are only there as points of reference.
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